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The Problem: Rotten Siding
Weather and wear will eventually break down the siding on your home. Areas prone to high amounts of moisture are particularly vulnerable. Masonite siding is especially known for rotting and absorbing moisture.


The Solution: The experts at

AAA Window Repair can replace

your old rotten siding with new

Smartboard Siding. Smartboard 

has the same grain pattern to 

match seamlessly with Masonite

siding and has a 50 year warranty

through the manufacturer.

The Problem: Rotten Fascia and/or Soffit


Fascia and Soffit are frequent victims of rot brought on by roof or gutter leakage


The Solution: Just like with your windows, rotted wood can be cut away and replaced with new material.

Please note that we do not remove, replace, or rehang guttering. If the fascia that is rotten is what the guttering is attached to, the gutters should be removed by qualified professionals before we are scheduled to do your repairs.

The Problem: Faulty Hardware on your casement (crank-out) Windows.

Age and moisture damage (rust) can affect the hardware on your crank out windows, leaving them difficult or impossible to open. 


The Solution: Whether its the operator crank or the hinges that are causing problems, AAA Window Repair can get replacement hardware for most* modern windows.


* In some cases hardware may have been discontinued or replaced with more modern versions. Additionally, because of the near impossibility of matching the parts correctly, we are no longer able to replace the tension springs on single- or double-hung windows.

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