The Winter months are upon us, but AAA Window Repair is still here to serve your window needs. We work year round to provide you the best service that we can, and while Kansas's weather can cause occasional delays, it is our pledge to you, our valued customers, that we will take care of your needs as quickly as humanly possible.

To our friends in the Wide World of Realty:


We here at AAA Window Repair want to touch base with each one of you and let you know how much we appreciate your business. Every year it seems we are working together more and more, and times about when private residents call us in and tell us they were referred to us by their realtor.

            Unfortunately, because in realty deals there are usually two different parties involved in the transaction, confusion and miscommunication sometimes does arise. In order to help with that problem, this year we will be adhering to the following policies:


1.                When an estimate is scheduled, please plan to be present yourself for that appointment, or have a fully informed representative there. This will better ensure that everything you or your customer is concerned with is addressed in the estimate. If this necessitates a group estimate including both sides of realtors, then we can do that. We are seeing much to much of the buyer’s realtor coming back with things not listed on our work orders and thinking we need to take care of them for free, when we were not contracted to do them in the first place. IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO EXAMINE THE GIVEN ESTIMATE AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING THAT THEY WANT ADDRESSED IS ADDRESSED.


2.                When estimate is complete, carefully examine the document for missing information. Verbal agreements spoken of at the time of estimate or afterwards, but not documented in the paperwork may not be honored. Work crews are only responsible for doing what is on their work order. For example: painting the completed work at the end of a job is a non-charged extra service that we provide when possible, when the customer provides the paint, the weather allows it, and it can happen during the time that the crew is scheduled to be there. This is not, however, a promised service unless it a written out and charged item on your estimate sheet.


3.                Please understand that an estimate is just that, an estimate, not a bid. While we do try to be as thorough as possible at the time of the estimate, there is ALWAYS the possibility that items can be missed, or that deeper damage may be revealed during the repair. In these cases, additional charges may be incurred, but you as the customer will be consulted before anything extra is added.

AAA Window Repair cannot and will not be held liable for repairs not spelled out in the work order.


4.                Terms of payment need to be made clear when approving or scheduling a job. AAA Window Repair’s general policy is that payment is due at the time of job completion. If payment is to be made later, through escrow or at time of closing, we need to be made aware of that beforehand.


5.                At the time of job completion, you or your designated representative need to be available for a closing walkthrough and to sign off on the work done. Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment will be expected at this time.


We believe that a stricter adherence to these policies will keep things running a bit more smoothly. Please remember that we want to do everything we can to help you and your customers, but we need your help to do so. As such, communication is the key. If you have questions that you need clarified, do not hesitate to call the office and ask.

            Because of the sheer amount work we get during the non-winter months, and the weather that Kansas throws at us on an everchanging basis, please understand that we will help everybody that we can, as quickly as we can, to the best of our abilities. Schedules will fill up quickly and we appreciate your patience.

Spring has sprung, and with it business is booming. With that statement, we at AAA Window Repair have to remind our customers that we are not an emergency service, and can not always accommodate other entities deadlines.

   At this time, we are scheduling estimates as much as a week to a week and a half out, and our work calendar for jobs over a thousand dollars is booked nearly though the month of July.

   Additionally, at this time of year, rainy weather makes maintaining a week to week schedule very difficult. When a job is rained out, we will do our absolute best to reschedule you as quickly as we can but as busy as we are, that reschedule may not be as quickly as you would like.

   Please realize that we have no more control over the weather than you do, and getting angry is not going to get things done any faster for you.                                

Its Summer and the heat is on. Here at AAA we've expanded to a six day work week and are slowly managing to catch up from the problems caused by spring rains. We wish there were more days in the week, because as of August 1st we are beginning to schedule work for the beginning of October, nearly two months out.

As such, we ask for your continued patience and understanding. We are working a quickly as we can to serve all of our customers' wants.

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