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Rotten Wood Replacement

The Problem: Wood rot

* Sills and sashes are usually the first parts of a window to show signs of wood rot. Wood Rot fungus spores find the tiniest crack or break in the wood, work their way in and begin to consume the wood from within.


* Exposed finger joints in wood can allow water in, facilitating the formation of the rot fungus.


*Wood rot can be evident by a wavy or rippled look to the paint.


The Solution:

* The first step is to cut out all of the rotted wood.


* Next, we treat the remaining wood and the area around it with an anti-fungal and wood-preservative solution.


* Finally, we replace the rotted wood with new, whole pieces of wood (eleminating problematic finger joints) using cedar or in some cases PVC plastic.


* The new areas are caulked, primed and made ready for hardware and reinstallation.

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