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Broken/foggy Glass Replacement

* The Problem: Broken or Foggy Window Panes
   * When a window pane gets broken or begins showing signs of moisture between the panes, the glass unit has lost its seal and therefore its effenciency.
   * Foggy Windows indicate that the dessicant (moisture absorbing) materials in the glass unit are fully saturated. Presence of moisture between the panes means that the Argon insulating gas has seeped out, and the windows R- and U- values are no longer good.
The Solution: Though many companies don't seem to know it, 99% of windows are designed so that the glass in them can be taken out and replaced. Instead of replacing an entire window, let AAA Window Repair replace that broken or foggy glass unit.



Replacement glass is available in regular clear, low-e, tempered, and frosted varieties. AAA Window Repair is NOT a tinting company and is not responsible for color matching if your broken glass is tinted. If replaced glass needs tinting, you will have to contact your own after-market window tinting company.

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