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Frequently Asked Questions




What kind of wood do you use in your repairs?


The wood that we prefer to use in our repairs is planed down rough cedar. Though cedar is a soft wood, it is very resinous and therefore more wood rot resistant than the basic poplar or pine that many windows are made of. 


How long does it take to get new glass installed?


When we do and estimate for replacing glass and get a go ahead from the customer, we place the order that day. Our glass is manufactured by Arch Trulite in Tulsa, and generally takes about ten to twelve business days to get manufactured and shipped to us. After ordering, Trulite sends us a confirmation of the order with information about the projected delivery time. Once we receive that confirmation we can set up an installation time with the customer. Once on site, installation generally takes less than an hour per piece.


I see moisture inside of my double pane window. What does that mean?


When moisture appears between the panes on a double pane unit, this means that the rubber seal around the edge of the sealed unit has failed, allowing the insullating Argon gas to escape and allowing moisture/oxygen to seep in. When this happens it is time to replace the glass unit with a new one.


My window has gone a milky white and has little blotches in it. Why?


This is the end result of when an insullated unit loses its seal. Over time, moisture inside the panes may dry, leaving opaque calcium build up that makes the glass appear like there is a white crust or film on the inside. The blotches may be the formation of mold growing in that moisture and build up. Again, the solution is not to replace the entire window, just the insulated glass unit.

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