As always, all work is completely weather dependent. If it is too cold (under 40 or so), too wet, or if anything is coming down out of the sky, we may have to reschedule.


to the webpage of AAA Window Repair, a division of Wolfdawg Productions. Here our goal is to meet your window repair needs, and as such we offer a variety of services to make your jobs as homeowners easier.


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Summer is here with its unpredictable weather. Though Vaccines are being distributed Covid-19 remains a problem in Kansas, and in the country as a whole, and we at AAA Window Repair are taking this threat very seriously. Masks, sanitizers and social distancing are the golden rules these days, and we ask that while our crews are in the field, working on your houses, that you respect their spaces as much as possible, as they will respect yours. 

As such, we ask for your continued patience and understanding. We are working a quickly as we can to serve all of our customers' wants.




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You need us if:

* Your Windows show signs of wood rot in the sill, sash, brickmold or trim.

*  Your windowpanes are cracked, broken out, or fogged up.

* The Siding on your home has places that are broken, rotting, and in need of repair.

* The trim, soffitt, or roof fascia on your home is rotting.

* Your Windows have faulty hardware and are not opening and closing correctly.

* Your Windows leak air when its windy or water when its raining.

* You are selling your home and have been requested to have your windows evaluated by a window repair professional.

AAA Window Repair

is your  Solution!